Tackling Substance Abuse

substance abuse

October 2015 – This seminar looked at some of the issues around drug and alcohol abuse and ways of reducing harm. The expert speakers looked specifically at so-called ‘legal highs’, more correctly known as ‘new pyscho-active substances’ and alcohol, particularly underage drinking.

The programme includes speaker biographies and the presentations include details of the forth-coming NPS law.

Using the internet to fight alcohol abuse

The Italian Ministry of Health is using two of the best communication tools geared to young people – the internet and music – to deliver an important message about alcohol. In Italy, like Europe as a whole, alcohol abuse is the leading cause of death and disability among people under 30.

To read more about the campaign (in Italian), click here on http://ec.europa.eu

Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use: Economics and Public Health Policy

Alcohol consumption has fallen slightly in OECD countries over the past twenty years but young people and women are drinking more. Alcohol is becoming more easily available, more affordable and advertised more effectively. Worldwide, alcohol is a leading cause of ill health and premature mortality, accounting for 1 in 17 deaths, and for an even larger proportion of disabilities, especially in men. In OECD countries, alcohol consumption is about twice the world average and its social costs are estimated in excess of 1% of GDP in high- and middle-income countries.

This book examines trends and social disparities in alcohol consumption, assessing the health, social and economic impacts of key policy options for tackling alcohol-related harms in Canada, the Czech Republic and Germany and extracting relevant policy messages for other countries.

To read the book online, click here on www.oecd.org

Alcohol and Younger People

January 2013.  This event provided attendees with discussion on recent EU policy developments related to alcohol and younger people, including the role and responsibilities of marketing, advertising and sponsorship. Successful EU interventions on reducing harm and encouraging responsible handling of alcohol by younger people were showcased.

Speaker Details:

  • Aleksandra Kaczmarek, Policy Officer  – EUROCARE
  • Doriane Fuchs, Policy Coordinator for Health Promotion – European Public Health Alliance
  • Professor Kern, PH Zurich University

All three presentations contain interesting data on this topic.