Support Julie Webster’s Wing Walk

At 12 noon on 29th August  2019 Julie from Medway Community Health is taking the opportunity to fly through the sky and raise awareness of the DWELL project and raise some money at the same time! 

Half of the money raised will be donated to ourZone and half will be used to raise awareness of diabetes. Email Julie at for a sponsorship form.

A new PATH to perinatal mental health

Our recently funded Interreg 2Seas project PATH is aiming to enable women, families, healthcare professionals, and employers to prevent, diagnose and successfully manage mild and moderate perinatal mental health issues, leading to happier and healthier families. This year’s focus for the EuroHealthNet magazine is ‘Children and Young People’ and an article all about PATH has been published in the latest edition of the magazine, to read it in full go to:

RegioStars Award: CASCADE

Our Interreg 2Seas CASCADE project is up for an EU RegioStars Award under the category “Modernising health systems”.

To avoid overwhelming health systems and to encourage a more inclusive society, new financially sustainable and widely applicable approaches are needed for dementia care. The CASCADE model promotes a strengths-based approach to holistic person-centred dementia care to maximise independence and quality of life for people living with dementia in the local community. 

Please go to to “like” CASCADE and get it through to the finals.

Obesity report highlights risk of Type 2 diabetes for ‘slightly’ overweight people

Health experts say a new study on obesity sheds more light on the link between weight gain and the risk of serious disease and death.

The massive research project – which involved nearly three million sets of data – suggests that even being slightly overweight doubles the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The results have been presented to the 26th European Congress on Obesity taking place from April 28 – May 1 in Glasgow.

Researchers say the size of the study makes it different from anything that has previously been done.

It analysed data from the UK on more than 2.8 million adults, with an average age of 51, over an 18-year period between January 2000 and July 2018.

Our DWELL project is working to better manage and prevent Type 2 Diabetes, to read more about the project go to:

To read more about this article, go to:

What is the value of the outdoors for someone living with dementia?

Spending time in the outdoors holds many benefits, from achieving the necessary dose of Vitamin D to exploring our senses and socialising, and this is no different for someone living with dementia.

Whilst extra care may be necessary, there is true value to experiencing the outdoors when living with dementia.

As we age it’s common for our senses to decline and it’s therefore important to explore different ways of engaging them to stay connected. When living with dementia, our connection to the world may feel even more distant, as communication difficulties arise, it is therefore vital that other dementia activities are explored. The outdoors provides an excellent multi-sensory platform and can be brilliant way to explore the senses.

To read more about this go to:

Our CASCADE project is aiming to improve the lives and the care for people living with dementia. To read more about the project go to:

News from the Interreg 2Seas mid-term review event in Ghent

On the 25th and 26th of April 2019, the Health and Europe Centre attended the Interreg 2Seas mid-term review event in Ghent, Belgium. We are currently lead partner on 6 of the 15 approved projects in the social innovation category, so the event was a great opportunity to showcase our work and learn about the other projects. It was an excellent event with the highlight being our CASCADE project’s video winning third prize in the project video awards.

To watch the video go to: and to read more about any of our projects go to:

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

The 29th April – 5th of May 2019 marks this year’s maternal mental health awareness week. The Health and Europe Centre is the lead partner of a newly EU Interreg 2Seas funded project aiming to tackle to stigma surrounding perinatal mental health. Maternal mental health awareness week will be a week long Twitter campaign run by the UK Maternal Mental Health Alliance. Our project partners will be getting involved via our Twitter page @2SeasPATH and using the hashtag #2SeasPATH.

To read more about this awareness week, follow us PATH on Twitter or go to:

Real People, Real Stories: Men’s Mental Health

A new awareness campaign by Samaritans shares real stories from men who have been through tough times to encourage other men to seek help.

Two in five men in England, Scotland and Wales aged 20-59 don’t seek support when they need to, because they prefer to solve their own problems. The survey also showed that men often don’t want to feel like a burden and don’t feel their problems will be understood.

Our Interreg 2Seas funded project SBS (Step by Step) is targeting men, in particular those who may be socially isolated and suffering from poor mental health or poor wellbeing, to help tackle this issue in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

To read more about the Samaritans campaign, go to:

And to read more about the SBS project, go to:

The Wellbeing Symposium is making it’s London debut

The Wellbeing Symposium provides an environment for businesses, communities and individuals to debate, learn and share information, advice and strategies for health and wellbeing.

Over the past seven years, The Wellbeing Symposium has been going from strength-to- strength as a leading health and wellbeing event. In 2019, The Wellbeing Symposium will make its London debut at the prestigious offices of global professional services network, Deloitte. The venue provides the perfect backdrop to debate, network, listen, learn and inspire. For businesses, communities and people seeking a healthier, happier life, the Wellbeing Symposium is a must for the calendar.

The event will take place on Monday 1st April at Deloitte, 2 New St Square, London, EC4A 3BZ. To read more about the event and book your tickets go to:

2 newly approved Interreg projects: PATH 2 and SHIFT

We are delighted that two more of our projects have been approved for funding by Interreg 2Seas.

PATH 2 has secured more than €5 million of European funding in its €8.5 million partnership involving 13 organisations from the UK, The Netherlands, France and Belgium and will enable women, families and healthcare professionals to prevent, diagnose and successfully manage mild and moderate PMI (perinatal mental health issues) via radical systemic change, developing an inclusive, holistic health structure: demand driven and co-created with existing patients and expectant/new parents.

To read more about PATH 2 go to:

SHIFT has secured more than €2.5 million of European funding in its €4.2 million partnership involving 11 organisations from the UK, The Netherlands, France and Belgium (see below for partner details) and the project’s objective is to empower people aged 45+ to participate in sexual health services and to improve their sexual health and wellbeing, with an additional and specifically adapted focus on socio-economically disadvantaged groups across the 2Seas area.

To read more about SHIFT go to: