Stakeholders and Board Members


     The Health and Europe Centre’s stakeholders are:



Each stakeholder has representatives on the Health and Europe Centre Management Board and they govern, direct, review and support the work of the Centre.

The current Board Members are:

  • Geoff Lymer – Chair of HEC (Cabinet member, KCC)
  • Peter Horn – Deputy Chair of HEC (Chair, MCH)
  • Graham Gibbens – (Cabinet member for adult social care and public health, KCC)
  • Roger Gough (Cabinet member for business strategy, performance and health reform, KCC)
  • Andrew Scott-Clark (Director of public health, KCC)
  • Peter Maskell (Medical director, KentCHT)
  • Andrew Ling (Chair, KMPT)
  • Ivan McConnell (Director of commercial and transformation, KMPT)
  • Vicky Ellis (Associate Director Clinical Quality, MCH)
  • Ron Moys (Head of European Policy, KCC)
  • Rupert Williamson (Interim Board Member, EKHUFT)
  • Robert Stewart (Chair, Kent Integration Pioneer Steering Group)