European Reference Networks

Imagine if the best specialists from across Europe could join their efforts to tackle complex or rare medical conditions that require highly specialised healthcare
and a concentration of knowledge and resources. That’s the purpose of the European Reference Networks.
Interest in becoming part of a Network can be registered from the 16 March 2016 and an “info day” regarding this call will be organised on 7 April 2016.
The call for ERNs will be in two waves:
1. ERN applicants wishing both to apply to become an ERN, and to apply for funding, should submit their application during the first period of the call (from 16 March 2016);
2. ERN applicants wishing to apply only to become an ERN, but not for funding, should submit their application during the second period of the call (opening in June 2016).
For more information about European Reference Networks, on the website
To read the Assessment Manual and Technical Toolbox for applicants to the Call, on the website