Tackling Substance Abuse

substance abuse

October 2015 – This seminar looked at some of the issues around drug and alcohol abuse and ways of reducing harm. The expert speakers looked specifically at so-called ‘legal highs’, more correctly known as ‘new pyscho-active substances’ and alcohol, particularly underage drinking.

The programme includes speaker biographies and the presentations include details of the forth-coming NPS law.

Ethical Aspects of E-health

ethical aspects of ehealth logoSeptember 2015. This seminar looked at the ethical aspects of successfully implementing new technologies with the elderly and those with mental or physical impairments.

With speakers from the private and public sectors the afternoon gave practical examples of why patients need to be kept in the forefront of innovators’ minds if e-technology is to be fully utilised.

The programme includes the speakers’ biographies and the  presentation gives clear examples of the issues involved.

Tackling HIV Stereotypes: targeting late diagnosis across demographics

March 2015. This was the closing conference of the IMPRESS Health 2 project.

The programme includes speaker details and the presentations are listed in the order they were delivered.

Tobacco Policy in a Changing World: Plain packaging and e-cigarettes

February 2015. This seminar  brought together policy-makers and practitioners for a stimulating and informative overview of the situation in Europe and the UK with regard to tobacco use and legislation. Our speakers – Hazel Cheeseman from ASH and Kate Knight from SmokeFree South West – are experts in both the rise of e-cigarettes and the legal battles being waged by the tobacco industry against plain packaging.

The programme gives an outline of the seminar and brief biographies of the speakers, while the full presentation covers this subject in fascinating detail.

Empowerment of Disabled People

October 2014. This conference was part of Phase 1 of the EDECT project. You can see the full programme and the presentations are listed below in order of appearance at the conference:

Children and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing

Children and adolescents logo

June 2014. All the evidence shows that investing in the health and wellbeing of our children and young people brings life-long benefits – not only to the young people themselves but also to their families and wider society.

Attendees at this seminar had the opportunity to hear examples from the UK and abroad of good practice in securing the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents through actions and interventions outside the home. The programme gives brief biographies of both speakers and their presentations covered European projects that have focused on obesity, body image and the associated mental health of young people as well as a project that generated sustainable support networks.

Dementia: Self Sustaining Communities

May 2014. Our annual conference showcased award winning innovative initiatives and projects from across Europe and the UK, aimed to better support people with dementia living in the community or care home environment.  

The programme includes speakers’ details, and the presentations below are listed in the order they appear on the programme:

Alcohol and Younger People

January 2013.  This event provided attendees with discussion on recent EU policy developments related to alcohol and younger people, including the role and responsibilities of marketing, advertising and sponsorship. Successful EU interventions on reducing harm and encouraging responsible handling of alcohol by younger people were showcased.

Speaker Details:

  • Aleksandra Kaczmarek, Policy Officer  – EUROCARE
  • Doriane Fuchs, Policy Coordinator for Health Promotion – European Public Health Alliance
  • Professor Kern, PH Zurich University

All three presentations contain interesting data on this topic.